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Cheese Powder - the Flexible Ingredient

When compared with fresh cheese, Cheese Powder offers you a variety of advantages in terms of taste, functionality and convenience
Cheese powder provides a unique combination of taste, functionality and convenience, it's easy to use, making it the obvious choice in virtually any application.

You can manage flavour with Cheese Powder
Cheese powder provides your product with a rich and natural flavour profile and great mouthfeel.
You can also use cheese powder as a flavour enhancer to give more body to your food application, but without necessarily donating any cheese flavour.

Our expertise makes Lactosan Cheese Powder work for you
By choosing specific qualities of cheeses we can create the right functionality and chemical profile as defined by our customers for their individual applications, for example water solubility, fat binding properties, flavour enhancement and improved texture/viscosity.

You can also be reassured that thanks to our technical knowledge and experience our Cheese Powder is always consistent in flavour, colour, functionality and chemical profile.

Looking for convenience?
Lactosan Cheese Powders are convenient to use. We guarantee uniform, high quality products, which are easy to use in a variety of food applications.

Moreover, we guarantee our Cheese Powder has 18 months’ shelf life when stored below 20°C in unopened bags.

For further information about our products, read about  Cheese Powder product range>>

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Greece is the world's largest (per capita) consumer of cheese, with 27.3 kg eaten by the average Greek. Feta accounts for three-quarters of this c...
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