Lactosan launch new Green Food Line Cheese Powders

Our “Green Food”-line of Cheese Powders without emulsifying salt is developed in close co-operation with KU Food (The University of Copenhagen) as part of an ongoing 3½ years research project.



 The “Green Food”-line Cheese Powders have been developed to meet the growing demand for clean label, "Green Foods" with no additives (E numbers).

Try Nutrition Bars with Lactosan Cheese Powders
Our R&D team has developed Nutrition Bars with Lactosan Cheese Powder and the following ingredients: 

  • Nuts & Oats
  • Spicy Ginger & Figs
  • Fresh Apple & Fresh Lemon 

The Lactosan “Green Food”-line of Cheese Powders without additives are used in the nutrition bar to: 

  • Boost taste
  • Balance taste
  • Provide a smooth and creamy texture and a rich mouthfeel
  • Add a natural supplement to protein source
  • Add “personality” 

Please contact our R&D Department for more information and recipes for Nutrition Bars. 

Nutrition_Bar_w_Lactosan_Cheese_Powder   Lactosan_cheese_application_service   Lactosan_Cheese_Powder_for_Biscuits

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