Try a trendy Ice Cream dessert with Lactosan Cheese Powder

For your inspiration, we should like to introduce you to a delicious new trend in the market: Ice cream with Cheese Powder.

Traditionally, Cheese Powder has not been associated with ice cream applications. Nevertheless, there is a growing trend in both exotic and authentic taste composition when it comes to ice cream applications.

And few ingredients offer more flexibility to create authentic and delicious ice cream applications than Lactosan Cheese Powders. From Cream Cheese and Mascarpone to exotic Camembert, Quark and Brunost, Lactosan Cheese Powders enable you to create exciting and great tasting new ice cream desserts. 


Find your inspiration in Lactosan application recipes
The Lactosan R&D team has developed recipes for ice cream with Lactosan Cheese Powders such as

  • Quark Powder
  • Mascarpone Powder
  • Brunost Powder (Norwegian whey cheese)
  • Cream Cheese Powder 
  • Camembert Powder 

We should be happy to assist you
Give our delicious ice cream applications a try. We encourage you to contact us for inspiration and advice on how to make delicious and great tasting ice cream with our Lactosan Cheese Powders.




Lactosan offers you the following benefits when you use cheese powders

Cheese Powder requires:

  • Less handling
  • No refrigeration / energy cost saving

 Cheese Powder can replace:

  • Fresh Cheese
  • EMC (Enzyme Modified Cheese)

Cheese Powder provides:

  • Uniform, standardized quality 
  • Controlled dosage of taste (ease of use)

Cheese Powder is a stable product: 

  • No ripening
  • No bacteriological Development
  • No loss of raw materials
  • No waste of whey


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