Try the authentic taste of Goat Cheese

For your inspiration, Lactosan should like to introduce you to a recently developed Cheese Powder based on high quality Goat Cheese.

The new Cheese Powder is furthermore a vegetarian Cheese Powder. Both its flavour and its odour is very authentic making it an excellent alternative to fresh Goat cheese as well as an ideal ingredient in dry blend recipes.


Find your inspiration in Lactosan application recipes

Lactosan Cheese Powder containing Goat Cheese is a very suitable ingredient in the following applications: 

  • Soups and sauces
  • Ready meals
  • Cream and fillings
  • Imitation cheese and processed cheese

It’s our pleasure to assist you
Give our new Cheese Powder containing Goat Cheese a try. We encourage you to contact us for inspiration and advice on how to make great tasting applications using Lactosan Cheese Powder with Goat Cheese.


Lactosan_goat_cheese_powder   Sauce_w_Lactosan_Goat_Cheese_Powder   Tasting_meal_w_Lactosan_Cheese_Powder


Lactosan offers you the following benefits when you use cheese powders

Goat Cheese Powder requires: 

  • Less handling
  • No refrigeration / energy cost saving 

Goat Cheese Powder can replace:

  • Fresh Cheese 

Goat Cheese Powder provides: 

  • Uniform, standardized quality
  • Controlled dosage of taste (ease of use) 

Goat Cheese Powder is a stable product: 

  • No ripening
  • No bacteriological development
  • No loss of raw materials
  • No waste of whey 
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