Introduction to Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group

Lactosan and Sanovo Egg Group to form the Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group on January 1, 2010.




                         Joern Leth Frandsen                         Henrik Pedersen

From January 1, 2010 it has been decided to form a new group, Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group (LSIG), with the purpose of creating and utilising the synergies between Lactosan Group and Sanovo Egg Group.

Sanovo Egg Group is producing a wide range of Egg based products, both powders and liquids. Sanovo Egg Group has today processing facilities in Denmark, Germany, and Bulgaria, in China, USA and South-America and own sales set-up’s in defined strategic areas throughout the world.

Lactosan Group is producing a wide range of value added cheese powders. Lactosan Group has today processing facilities in Denmark and Uruguay, and own sales set-up’s in defined strategic areas throughout the world.

In total the new Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group will have a turnover around Euro 200 million, approx. 650 employees, joint expertise and know-how and highly skilled people around the world.

Effective January 1, 2010 Joern Leth Frandsen will act as Chief Executive Officer and Henrik Pedersen as Vice President for the individual companies Sanovo Egg Group and Lactosan Group as well as LSIG.

We strongly believe that this initiative of creating Lactosan-Sanovo Ingredients Group means we will be able to create a strong and efficient platform for ingredient sales to the food industry worldwide in the years to come.

Best regards,

Joern Leth Frandsen                             Henrik Pedersen
Chief Executive Officer                        Vice President 

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