Cheese Powder originates from Lactosan

Cheese powder was invented by Lactosan in 1951. Lactosan continues to be the innovator in this speciality business


    Christian Jessen,  
  (Factory Manager 

      Lactosan A/S)

Did you know that we invented Cheese Powder ? In 1951, Christian Jessen, factory manager at that time, experimented with the production of cheese powder made from melted cheese by using a spray drier. This had never been done before, but after some time he developed a unique technique to produce cheese powder.

Processed Cheese led to Cheese Powder
A customer returned a consignment of processed cheese due to the lack of suitable storage conditions. Christian Jessen then started experimenting with the atomization of melted cheese into cheese powder for easier storage.



Labels of processed cheese spreads manufactured by Lactosan A/S

Lactosan produced processed cheese for Fromageries Bel
Lactosan started producing processed cheese in 1951. In 1953 Lactosan obtained an agreement with the French firm “Fromageries Bel” about deliveries of processed cheese and produced for the Canadian market.

Sample of label of Le vache qui rit processed cheese made by Lactosan A/S for Fromageries Bel in the 1950s.

Lactosan logo_old_small

Cheese powder became more and more important
The sale of cheese powder increased becoming so significant that the production and packing of processed cheese became less important and was phased out.

The success of Cheese Powder resulted in markets worldwide
The food industry worldwide became Lactosan’s market. At the beginning Lactosan sold to the biscuits industry. Later other segments were added, for instance processed cheese, snacks, ready-meals, dry-mix for soups, sauces and dips.

Lactosan offers innovation and development assistance
Now more than 60 years later, we continue to be at the forefront. Our R&D team develops new processing techniques and product concepts to help food manufacturers meet the challenges of tomorrow’s food markets.

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Lactosan A/S - How it all began

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