Baby Food

When you develop Baby Food you want to create the best possible product and taste with real food. No e-numbers. No salt. Just real ingredients. Lactosan Cheese Powders are suitable for a wide range of Baby Foods (+12 months) such as solid food, snacks, and desserts as well as ready-to-drink products.

Based on our expertise in production and technology Lactosan offers solutions that meet the trends and needs in the baby food category. Using our Cheddar Cheese Powder and Blue Cheese Powder we have recently helped customers in both Europe and Asia to develop innovative baby food products focusing on cleaner labelling with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, smoother textures, and a better taste.

Baby Food

Growing trends in the baby food category

The baby food category is developing fast worldwide. The category is driven by innovations for added value based on scientific research. Focus is on:

  • High nutritional value, fresh taste, and gut-friendly mixes
  • Natural, GMO free and functional ingredients
  • Organic and sustainable products
  • High quality and food safety.

Baby Meal products account for an average 30% share of baby solid food cluster launches during Apr 20 – Sep 21.

Cheese is growing in popularity as a taste provider in the entire category. Globally Europe United Kingdom is taking the lead as the no. 1 country to develop new baby foods and snacks claiming cheese. France, Ireland and Germany are in the top 10 together with China, South Korea and Indonesia.

NPD Trend development (% index 2017) with cheese in the Baby & Toddler category

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2021






(Source: Innova Market Insigts)

Baby Food (+12 months)

The best product for baby food production

Our range of Clean Label Cheese Powders without emulsifying salt (no e-numbers) offers clean label in the baby food category and the possibility to declare cheese on the product label. The range has been developed in close co-operation with KU Food (The University of Copenhagen) to meet the consumers’ growing demand for Clean Label Foods with no additives (E-numbers). 

  • With a Lactosan Clean Label Cheese Powder solution you can declare “Cheese” and/or “Dried Cheese” on your labelling
  • Lactosan Cheese Powders provide a great taste and texture to your Baby Food/Toddler products
  • Microbiologically the range complies with EU laws for the Baby Food/Toddler category
  • Lactosan Cheese Powders are pasteurized
  • Lactosan guarantees full traceability and the highest level of food safety
  • Lactosan can help you meet authority demands
Baby Food (+12 months)

    High quality and food safety

    Pure and organic product solutions

    GMO free

Baby Food (+12 months)

We also have a range of organic, vegetarian and Halal certified Cheese Powders that complies with the high demands and rules and regulations on microbiology and nutritional values in the category. We can help you ensure a high quality that meets the food safety standards. Get in touch so we can help you bring your next product to life.