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Digital Uni Food Day, 30 August 2022

How cheese can promote green eating behaviour 🧀💚

Poor taste is the no. 1 challenge that keeps people from buying plant-based alternatives*.

By adding only 1 to 2 percent of cheese powder, originating from naturally ripened cheeses, it is possible to boost #umami taste and #mouthfeel in plant-based food. 
At Lactosan we have a new research collaboration with food researchers from the University of Copenhagen with the aim to investigate the optimal combination of cheese powder in relation to umami and kokumi.

Inger Hansen, our Head of Strategic Innovation Projects, explains: “We want to address the current challenges with taste in plant-based alternatives. Our focus is on the flexitarian consumers who seek to cut down on meat consumption and do not want to compromise on taste. By twisting plant-based ingredients or a delicious dip or sauce to a vegetable meal with just small amounts of our cheese powder you can boost the overall taste of the meal. We truly believe that cheese powder is an excellent agent to promote a greener eating behavior - and it's unique by nature.”

(photo: Inger Hansen, Head of Strategic Innovation Projects, Lactosan A/S.)

Learn more about the project, link to the article, and join Inger Hansen and Karsten Olsen when they talk about our "magic dust" at the Digital Uni Food Day on  30 August 2022.

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*(source: Innova Database, Trend survey 2021.)