Lactosan Cheese Powders Eggs Asparagus Dish With Cream Cheese Powder

🐣 Happy Easter


May this joyful season of Easter surround you with love and peace…

….and good food with lots of cheese!

How about a twist of cheese to your chocolate Easter egg?

Did you know that Cheese Powder is widely used as a natural flavour enhancer for many types of confectionery products? Consumers today are keen to experiment with new and exciting flavour directions and in confectionery products our cheese powder solutions work great.

Take a look at the top trends in chocolate confectionery and see how we can help - here:


Do you need some inspiration for your Easter lunch?

This is one of our classic dishes: A flexitarian egg dish with lots of fresh, green asparagus and a twist of Lactosan cream cheese powder + Lactosan Extra Hard Cheese Powder (Italian style).

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Wishing you all a Happy Easter!