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A helping of insight 🧀🌏 - Sri Lanka visit

A helping of insight - Sri Lanka visit

At Lactosan we have very close partnerships with our strong network of sales partners around the globe. Our strategy is to grow our business significantly through our distributors and agents. Close collaborations, mutual trust and the sharing of insights are some of the key words.
In January Anders Larsen had the pleasure to visit our sales partner DKSH in Sri Lanka. Anders says:

"Partner visits have great value to us as they are a combination of joint customer visits and good talks about our end users, applications, trends, new opportunities and how we can help each other gain more success in the market."

We have worked together with DKSH Sri Lanka Ltd. since 2014 and the partnership is just growing thanks to Earle Rutnam and Shammi Cooray.

Photo from the left: Earle Rutnam, Shammi Cooray and Anders Larsen. 

Thank you for the interesting meetings and your kind hospitality. Anders looks forward to coming back to Colombo again!