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Sustainability for your success

New CSR report is out


Lactosan A/S is a THORNICO company where we work under the common motto: "Doing good while doing business". We call it Company Karma, and in all its simplicity it is about creating a culture and business strategy where the environmental and social parametres are as important as the economic ones.

Company Karma is in our family's DNA and is based on three pillars:

  • Sustainable Growth 
    Main purpose - to create sustainable growth through value-based and CSR focused strategies. Not only having top-and bottom-line growth as development milestones

  • Branding & Communiation
    Main purpose - to combine making a positive impact with differentiation and a unique market positioning

  • Corporate Culture
    Main purpose - to creat a feeling and sense of meaning, value and identity in the companies as for the individual employee


In THORNICO we have aligned our CSR goals according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about Company Karma, our group and our projects and goals in the newly released 2022 CSR/Company Karma report.


Company Karma Report