Struggle with Taste Experience?

Struggling with Taste Experience?

Struggling with taste experience?

If you are struggling with taste experience in your products, then you are at the right spot!

We know how critical taste and mouthfeel is especially when making plant-based and better-for-you applications. With our Cheese Powder solutions, you can:

  • reduce sugar and fat
  • get a better and creamier structure
  • enrich your products with more protein
  • enhance herbs and spices or mask off-flavours
  • get a cleaner labelling

but above all: Our cheese powders provide great taste and aroma while retaining all the above benefits! 🧀✨

If you are looking for an authentic taste of Italy, a Nordic twist or just a better and mourish taste to your products, then contact us to learn how our Cheese Powders can be the Secret Ingredient to your next success! 

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