Top Food & Beverage Trends 2022

Top Food & Beverage Trends 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology and introduced more flexible ways of living. 44% of consumers globally are expecting to work at least three days from home during 2022.

The Innova Lifestyle & Attitudes Survey 2021 reveals that working from home during the pandemic has impacted food and beverage behavoir. 32% of consumers globally have cooked or baked from scratch more, and 14% have snacked more with healthier homemade snacks. Dinner has become an important treating occasion.

Furthermore, a greater focus on community, buying local and trust in smaller brands has come from the pandemic. One in three consumers globally have shopped locally more. Consumers increasingly value the functionality, freshness and authenticity of local food (see infographic below). The community conscious approach is both about acting on nostalgic feelings and sticking to the familiar together with an increased accessibility through the digital marketplace where ie apps allow consumers to buy directly from small-scale, sustainable farmers/producers.     

There is also an increased need for control and release which brings a focus on proactive health solutions balanced with healthy indulgence.

10 key trends

The 10 key trends that are impacting across food and beverage categories according to Innova Market Insights are:

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