Enjoy a perfect stretch of your pizza with Cheese Powder

Trend Alert - Cheese is hot stuff!

Attention Innovators - Trend alert

A recent statistic and report from the Danish Dairy Board confirms that there is a rise in the demand for Danish cheese in countries outside of the EU. Especially in countries like Bahrain, the Philippines, China, Japan, and S. Korea the consumers have increased the demand for cheese.

It supports the development we are seeing in new product developments claiming cheese in Asia and the Middle East with an increase of 39% between 2017-2021. The biggest categories being: #dairy, #bakery, #snacks, #ready meals, #sauces and #desserts.

Increased wealth and consumption of Western-style foods such as pizza, burgers and pasta with cheese as a key ingredient, boosts innovation growth. Another innovation booster is the plant-forward trend. Manufacturers of hybrid products are looking for innovative ways to create rich sensory experiences with "the best of both worlds" and here cheese is a superb and natural source for providing great taste.

We have said it before and we will say it again: Cheese is hot stuff!

If you want the taste of fresh cheese but none of the hassle of its handling, storage and application, we can help you make the transition to cheese powder.

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