Sustainability For Your Success

Sustainability For Your Success

Helping you bring new exciting products to market is our definition of success

These days success depends not only on your product but also on your reputation. When you choose Lactosan, your reputation benefits from the environmental and social value we deliver. We have aligned our sustainability goals according to the UN Goals.


Environmental advantages of choosing Lactosan

On the environment we have committed ourselves to reduce our use of plastic by 50% by 2023 and becoming carbon-neutral in accordance with the Paris agreement.

We have already reduced our production waste significantly and recycle most of what is left. Water is cleaned and returned to the supplier, food waste becomes biofuel and animal feed, and single-use cheese packaging has been replaced with reusable containers that are returned to suppliers. Solar panels and energy efficient equipment have also been installed within Lactosan Group.

Social advantages of choosing Lactosan

On the social you benefit the health & nutrition of your consumers. A natural ingredient to replace traditional industrial food enhancers. You also support a positive work environment. We have a balanced gender representation among both employees and managers and have created a culture of open communication and collaboration that has inspired many employees to stay with the company 10 or 20 years or more. We host students from Denmark and around the world every year who get to work on ground-breaking innovation projects that enhance their careers and enable us to serve our customers in new ways. We also support the local communities and various charitable organizations.


Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

In the Thornico Group of companies we call Corporate Social Responsibility for Company Karma. Learn more about Company Karma and see the latest report here.