Sustainability For Your Success

Sustainability For Your Success

Helping you bring new exciting products to market is our definition of success

These days success depends not only on your product but also on your reputation. When you choose Lactosan A/S, your reputation benefits from the environmental, social and ethical value we deliver. 

Environment, People & Ethics: the cornerstones of our CSR strategy...

Lactosan Group dedicates resources into sustainability. However, for us, sustainability has a wider scope: It means to take care of our environment but also to care for the people that we impact (local communities, our customers, our employees, owners and other stakeholders). Furthermore, it means to be aware of the ethics and obligations Lactosan Group has in being a food producer. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the highest standards of quality management, control, and assurance from the sourcing of the raw materials, in ensuring food safety and full traceability to committing ourselves to think in sustainable solutions wherever possible.

Lactosan belongs to the Thornico Group - in Thornico we call CSR for Company Karma our mantra of doing good while doing business. We follow the Company Karma policies of Thornico

To assess the sustainability factors within the business environment Lactosan operates in, a materiality analysis has been made to identify the most relevant environmental, social, and economic elements within our value chain. 

The elements that have been identified are placed within 3 key focus areas: Environment, People and Ethics. We have aligned our sustainability goals according to the UN Goals. 

  • You get a natural product
    An alternative to traditional industrial food enhancers

  • You get a more resource-efficient supply chain
    We’re reducing our waste and recycling wherever possible and contribute to better utilization of resources through innovation and clean energy solutions. We strive for carbon neutrality according to the Paris agreement

  • You benefit the health & nutrition of your consumers
    A natural ingredient to replace less wholesome additives

  • You support education, local community and a positive work environment
    We contribute to educating the next generation, support local employment, clubs and activities. We also put resources into securing gender equality and employee satisfaction (many of our employees have been with us more than 10+ years)


  • You benefit the highest level of food safety & product traceability
    We put all our efforts into training and optimizing to be at the forefront within the field

  • You support equal opportunities
    We believe in equal opportunities for decent work for all and therefore Lactosan is a Code of Care Ambassador


Causes we believe in and support:


Learn more about our goals, projects and initiatives in the Thornico Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022.