Lactosan Cheese Powders - For all Taste & Cuisines

Cheese 🧀 is our passion🔥

Cheese is our passion

What’s your favorite cheese? Emmental? Cheddar? Brunost? Gouda? Blue Cheese? Stilton? Cream Cheese?

It's hard to choose and we just love them all! And we are not the only ones who think cheese is great. Cheese is trendy!

đź“Š The calculated annual growth rate for global new product launches with cheese between 2017-2022 was 5,59%. Ready meals being the biggest category.*

Why? Because people want great tasting food! And cheese is just an excellent provider umami and kokumi.

And there is nothing else but cheese and passion in our cheese powder solutions!
Want to know more about umami and kokumi? Check out our site: Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Booster®


*(Source: Innova Market Insights)