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Take Your Product Beyond

Take Your Product Beyond

The consumers of today demand more taste. Savoury flavours and new product developments with umami and kokumi claims are on the up as consumers are more adventurous and willing to try new experiences through their choices of food and beverages. 

Lactosan Cheese Powders are perfect for savoury solutions - in all types of applications. Lactosan Cheese Powders are made from the natural cheeses and create an authentic and delicious taste together with a lot of functional benefits. In meat and meat alternative products, Cheese Powder can improve the juiciness in many product types such as fermented and emulsified sausages, meatballs and brines for injections and tumbling, meat alternatives etc.

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders have the unique capability of providing or enhancing a product’s natural flavour, while at the same time function as natural emulsifier and water binding agent, due to the properties of their natural components (dairy proteins and fats, with accent on short chain peptides and free fatty acids).

LACTOSAN NCB - Natural Culinary Booster®.

Being a front runner in Cheese Powder Solutions Lactosan A/S has worked together with Copenhagen University in exploring the science behind the product range: LACTOSAN NCB - Natural Culinary Booster®.  The range consist of seven specialty Cheese Powder types each with their own unique taste enhancing effects. It is a new generation of natural taste enhancers, which by the nature of the cheeses provide umami, kokumi and mouthfullness effect, and enhance taste in a very authentic way. They can also provide clean label as well as reduce sugar, salt, and fat in various types of applications.

(photo: Inger Hansen, Lactosan A/S).

Inger Hansen, Head of Strategic Innovation Projects explains: “With the growing hybrid trend as well as the growing trend of NPDs with umami and kokumi claims, we can see how our cheese powders can really make a difference. From our scientific work and customer projects we have seen excellent results using our LACTOSAN NCB - Natural Culinary Booster® in savoury solutions. We are researching and exploring all the benefits for this range in various applications and are ready to help producers overcome taste and functional challenges.”

Sometimes product development is about giving familiar products a modern twist, to make the product more indulgent - or adding a premium claim in combination with some storytelling.

Our Product & Application development experts have been working with customers worldwide to improve various savoury solutions in many application areas. For example, we recently supported a customer by using Cheese Powder to add a distinctive Blue Cheese flavour to their sausages. We also helped other businesses to enhance umami and flavour of their marinated meat products and add extra juiciness to flexitarian chicken meatballs. 

(Photo:  Louise Cathrine Nørgaard, Lactosan A/S)

Louise Cathrine Nørgaard, Area Application Manager explains: “The consumers of today do not compromise on taste - they want a taste experience, and we can help meet that challenge. For flexitarians in particular, the unique sensory attributes of i.e. meat – aroma, taste, texture – are highly valued. With the growing demand for hybrid products for the flexitarian consumers we foresee that the need for savoury product development will continue. A recent survey shows a growth of 27,6% in NPDs containing cheese* and that cheese ranks second in leading flavours for meat products NPD*. We have a wide range of different recipes with savoury solutions and trendy recipes mixing sweet & savoury to demonstrate the different taste profiles of our Cheese Powders in different application areas.”

Success story:  Savoury and Succulent Sausages

Check out this success story. We have many of them, so get in touch so we can assist you:

So, if you crave an extraordinary, tasty experience, have difficulties with taste management and/or texture in your savoury products, then check out our cheese powder solutions and get in touch!


(** Source: InnovaMarketInsights)