Reliable quality. Guaranteed.

No one in food production likes surprises. That’s why we aim for your Cheese Powder Solutions to be safe and realiable.

Minimise your risk

Knowing how important it is for you to minimise risk, we take care in all our processes to ensure you receive the highest quality cheese powder and documentation and guarantee your food safety.

1. Careful selection of raw materials

  • We source and carefully select raw cheeses, including many provenance varieties
  • We ensure raw material traceability
  • We are halal and organic certified for a number of products
  • We value long-term supplier relationships

2. High quality processes

  • Certified ‘Grade AA’ by BRC Global Standard for Food
  • Authorised dairy adhering to the stringent HACCP principles in all processes
  • Work according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Excellent grades for food safety culture and verifiable compliance
  • Certified SEDEX (SMEETA 4 columns) and ready to audit for all customers

 3. Uniform quality products & Regulatory support

  • All finished products are released based on chemical and biological analysis
  • Highest product consistency – uniform flavour, protein, fat and water content
  • Leading product stability – minimum 18-months shelf-life, compared to 12-month industry standard
  • Best fit for your needs – flavour, function and handling
  • Regulatory support (regional market compliance questions, labelling requirements etc.)

You can download our Code of Conduct - here.

State-of-the-art facilities

Besides the support of our specialist teams our certified facilities manufacture cheese powders to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. With a high-tech and flexible production and internal set-up we can manage a wide range of formulations and cheese powder solutions.

Hans Christian Hoff Andersen, our Plant Manager explains: “Our production process is different to other suppliers and means we can deliver the attributes our customers want”.

Expansion of Production Facilities

As a family-owned company, Lactosan isn’t driven by short-term decision-making – on the contrary we invest for the long-term. In 2020 we invested massively with a new extension to our Danish production, laboratory and application facilities.

The additional production capacity will enable us meet a rising, global market demand for our Cheese Powders.

We want you to always rely on Lactosan for market-leading quality and food safety, so we continually invest in all aspects of our processes. As a Lactosan customer you will automatically benefit from these upgrades.

Testing Services

To make co-trials of products before launch we have state-of-the art facilities, pilot plan/R&D lab/applications lab/, to train and educate customers and our distributors in the cheese powder technologies.

Remember: We work according to the principles of Good Manufacturing Processed (GMP)

See how we can help in the video presenation.

Need more details?

We want you to feel comfortable and assist in making your project a success. So if you need more details about Lactosan quality, please get in touch.

Our QA & QC team is ready to support you with questions about:

  • Product quality management legislation
  • EU labelling legislation
  • Compositions
  • Background documentation
  • Questions regarding raw materials, food safety & Quality Safety Compliance
  • Labelling compliance
  • Etc.

You can find our Code of Conduct here.

Alternatively, keep exploring:

Quality certifications

Lactosan A/S is certified according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard - Food. It's part of our continuous commitment to deliver safe, consistent and high quality products that meet our own strict quality standard and the quality requirements of our customers and the EU authorities. The BRC audits are carried out by KIWA.

You can download our most recent BRC Certificate of Conformity here.

According to EU and Danish legislation, Lactosan A/S is authorized and inspected on a regular basis by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. 

Inspection reports (in Danish language only) can be found here.

Lactosan A/S is certified according to the Halal Quality Control Kingdom of Denmark. It's part of our continuous commitment to deliver safe, consistent and high quality products that meet our own strict quality standard and the quality requirements of our customers and various authorities.

You can download our General Halal Certificate here.


Lactosan A/S is committed to provide products and application services of high quality to the food industry. 

To ensure this Lactosan A/S has taken a number of initiatives:

  • A quality assurance system is implemented and is certified according to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. The quality assurance system is based on HACCP principles and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

  • The production site is authorized and supervised by Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and audited regularly by SAI Global as well as by customers.

  • All written agreements with customers are registered and followed strictly.

  • Lactosan A/S warrants that all relevant EU and Danish regulations are followed strictly and relevant amendments are monitored and implemented accordingly.

  • In accordance with EU regulations, Lactosan A/S keeps full traceability of all products and is able to make an immediate and effective withdrawal in case of an emergency.

  • Lactosan A/S has taken out a Public and Products Liability Insurance for liability aggregating until DKK 50 million.

  • Lactosan A/S shall solely be liable for damage caused by the goods sold if it can be documented that the damage is due to faults or negligence on the part of Lactosan A/S. 

  • Lactosan A/S shall not be liable for loss of operations or profit or any other indirect loss. (Please refer to Lactosan General Conditions for Sale and Delivery dated 1 January 2017)



Jørn L. Frandsen

President CEO


Ringe, 2 January 2017

LACTOSAN aim at the highest standard for product quality and food safety

  • Lactosan use a quality management system together with the HACCP concept. The system is certified according to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • Lactosan set quality goals and make continuous improvements using these documented procedures and instructions.
  • Lactosan keep updated with all new relevant legislations and comply with relevant EU and Danish legislations.
  • Lactosan have chosen not to process products containing nuts (nut free site) and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Lactosan strive to be the customers’ preferred partner for cooperation

  • Lactosan is a trustworthy business partner complying with agreements and ‘live up’ to customers legitimate expectations.
  • Lactosan offer commercial and product application assistance of the highest nature and assist customers with necessary ‘know how’ in relation to Lactosan products.

Lactosan aim to maintain a high employee engagement

  • By means of education, employees are motivated to take responsibility for their job function and thereby participate to Lactosan overall goals.
  • By evaluation of resources and process equipment a well-functioning production is achieved, which effectively and safely can generate the specified products.
  • A constructive dialogue between management and employees is generated via various meeting forums in order to achieve a good mental and physical working environment.


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