Lactosan Cheese Powder Solutions are most commonly used in beverage applications to enhance or complement the taste of other flavours such as fruit, herbs and spices, or to mask off-flavours such as those found in vitamin-enriched drinks. Cheese Powders can also help to improve the taste and creaminess of dairy drinks without giving a cheese note.

However, many producers today are experimenting with new and exciting beverage ideas using cheese flavours. In Asia, for example, it is now popular to have whipped cream cheese toppings on hot teas, and in some markets rice wine is given a cheese twist, such as with added Camembert. This is to claim premium and authenticity.

Cheese Topping for Beverages

The experience you need

We have assisted an European customer in developing a delicious cheese cake flavoured milkshake. For this type of product, we recommend using our Mascarpone, Quark and Fromage Frais Cheese Powders as well as boosting the flavours with our range of LACTOSAN NCB - Natural Culinary Booster©.

In the beverage category we see that clean label claims expand to fairtrade and broader storytelling. Learn about our range of Clean Label Cheese Powders which is a range of Cheese Powders without emulsifying salts

Back to the Roots - Consumers increasingly value the functionality and authenticity of local food and beverages

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Importance of freshness when buying food/drinks



Importance of flavor when buying food/drinks



Importance of nutritional benefit when buying food/drinks



The top 4 countries claiming cheese in beverages in 2021 (% of NPDs)

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Your benefits of using Cheese Powder

When you add Lactosan Cheese Powder to your beverage product you get:

  • A natural Cheese taste
  • Better mouthfeel and consistency
  • A natural ingredient
  • Convenience - Cheese Powder is easy to handle (dry format) and to apply in dry mix solutions
  • Vegetarian and Halal version

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Cheese Powders for Beverages

    Natural and authentic Cheese Taste

    Better mouthfeel & consistency

    Vegetarian and Halal versions