Responsibility for Your Success

Helping you bring new exciting products to market is our definition of success. These days success depends not only on your product but also on your reputation. When you choose Lactosan, your reputation benefits from the value we deliver by enhancing your product's appeal and elevating your brand's reputation in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values.

The Cornerstones of our Code of Conduct & CSR strategy

Lactosan Group strongly emphasizes responsibility in its business practices. Upholding the 'Company Karma' philosophy, being under the Thornico Group, which focuses on 'Doing Good While Doing Business,' Lactosan is committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and adhering to the highest standards of governance in food production and safety. This commitment reflects our dedication to maintaining a balance between successful business operations and our obligations to the planet and society.

Read our Code of Conduct & CSR Statement to learn more.

Lactosan Code of Conduct & CSR statement

Learn more about Company Karmy - click here.


  • You get a resource-efficient supply chain
    We reduce our waste and recycle wherever possible and contribute to better utilization of resources through innovation and clean energy solutions.

See our efforts, targets and highlights in our Code of Conduct


  • You benefit the health & nutrition of your consumers
    An ingredient - unique by nature - to replace less wholesome additives and to gain cleaner labelling

  • You support education, local community and a positive work environment
    We contribute to educating the next generation, support local employment, clubs and activities. We also monitor gender equality and put resources into employee satisfaction through a positive and rewarding work environment with open communication and collaboration (many of our employees have been with us more than 10+ years)
  • You support equal opportunities
    We believe in equal opportunities for decent work for all. Lactosan is a Code of Care Ambassador. Code of Care believes that "...taking social responsibility benefits society, not just the bottom line, by greatly reducing the expenses of our welfare system".

    You support CSR partnership in Tanzania
    In 2023 Lactosan entered a partnership with Dairy without Borders in support of a minor local dairy project in Tanzania

    See our efforts, targets and highlights in our Code of Conduct


  • You benefit the highest level of food safety & product traceability
    We put all our efforts into training and optimizing to be at the forefront within the field and fully compliant with rules and regulations
  • Non-GMO
    No products produced by Lactosan Group derive from genetically modified raw materials

  • Better utilization of resources through innovation
    We work closely together with leading universities and business partners to optimize our expertise and knowledge within cheese powder production and products for better utilization of resources and raw materials

See our efforts, targets and highlights in our Code of Conduct


Please find our Statement for Code of Conduct & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Lactosan Code of Conduct & CSR statement

Ingen tilgængelig billedbeskrivelse.

Dairy without Borders - Danish NGO

Learn about the partnership with Dairy without Borders here - news

Code of Care

Muskelsvindfonden The Foundation for Muscluar Disease

Dansk Røde Kors

Danish Red Cross

Learn more about Thornico Group's goals, projects and initiatives in the Thornico Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022.

Read THORNICO's annual Company Karma report and learn about the goals and achievements of the entire THORNICO group. You will also find all our previous CSR reports via THORNICO's website.

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