Responsibility for Your Success

Helping you bring new exciting products to market is our definition of success. These days success depends not only on your product but also on your reputation. When you choose Lactosan A/S, your reputation benefits from the environmental, social and ethical value we deliver.

The Cornerstones of our CSR strategy

Lactosan Group dedicates resources into sustainability. However, for us, sustainability has a wider scope. It is about our responsibility to take care of our environment, to care for the people that we impact (local communities, our customers, our employees, owners and other stakeholders) and to be aware of the ethics and obligations we have in being a food producer. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the highest standards of quality management, control, and assurance from the sourcing of the raw materials, in ensuring food safety and full traceability to committing ourselves to think in sustainable solutions wherever possible. We have aligned our sustainability goals according to the UN Goals.


  • You get a product unique by nature
    An alternative to traditional industrial food enhancers

  • You get a more resource-efficient supply chain
    We’re reducing our waste and recycling wherever possible and contribute to better utilization of resources through innovation and clean energy solutions. We strive for carbon neutrality according to the Paris agreement


  • You benefit the health & nutrition of your consumers
    An ingredient - unique by nature - to replace less wholesome additives

  • You support education, local community and a positive work environment
    We contribute to educating the next generation, support local employment, clubs and activities. We also put resources into securing gender equality and employee satisfaction through a positive and rewarding work environment with open communication and collaboration (many of our employees have been with us more than 10+ years)


  • You benefit the highest level of food safety & product traceability
    We put all our efforts into training and optimizing to be at the forefront within the field

  • You support equal opportunities
    We believe in equal opportunities for decent work for all and therefore Lactosan is a Code of Care Ambassador

We belong to Thornico Group - here is our full CSR report




Dansk Røde Kors

Learn more about our goals, projects and initiatives in the Thornico Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the main principles and thus serves us as a guideline for adherence to ethical standards and in creating a working environment characterized by integrity, respect, trust, and sustainability.

Sustainability and social responsibility are maxims of Lactosan A/S that is why our actions are also based on sustainable values, which we convey to employees, customers, and supplies. We thus have a positive influence on our environment and comment and contribute to a caring society.

We can achieve more in future with fewer resources. That is what we believe and is the basis for an effective sustainability strategy.

The rules formulated in the Code of Conduct apply without exception to all owners, managers, employees, and all other persons engaged in company work. For clarity of understanding, all categories of per-sons – regardless of gender – are collectively referred to in what follows as “employees”.

The scope of these guidelines extends to all business sectors, all companies, and all locations. This Code of Conduct does not replace any other behavioral guidelines but complements them. We also apply the standards formulated in the Code of Conduct to our partners, suppliers, and customers.

Principles for dealing with each other
The way we treat each other is characterized by respect and acceptance. We respect social manners and strive for polite cooperation. We always act with integrity and are aware of our responsibility as role models.

Responsibility for the company’s reputation
All employees bear responsibility for the reputation of the entire company and their own person. For this reason, every one of us must always behave in public in such a way that his or her behavior does not reflect negatively on the company.

Open communication and dealing with criticism
We communicate in an open, goal-oriented, and clear manner. We encourage the open exchange of opinions, criticism, and ideas. Conflicts are inevitable in everyday dealings with each other.  But they help us to look at our positions critically and to learn from them. We regard errors as an opportunity, and we explain and eliminate their causes.

Promoting independent action
We encourage all colleagues to act on their own initiative. At the same time, we expect them to observe the responsibility that comes with this and to work towards our common goals.

We strive in all areas to create a positive and rewarding work environment that enables every employee to perform at his or her best. We support the personal development of all our employees, in particular the expansion of their professional expertise through advanced training. Vulnerable groups (adolescents, pregnant women, people with disabilities, etc.) receive special attention. We assess the performance and success of every employee according to factual criteria and try to minimize subjective factors. 

We comply with applicable law. We respect the relevant national and international laws, regardless of our location or the location of the business. In addition, we also respect the international conventions referred to in the appendix. We cooperate with all competent authorities openly, constructively, and reliably.

At Lactosan A/S all employees shall refrain from receiving or using bribery as a method to obtain benefits or unjustly influence other parties.

Business partners, Lactosan A/S seeks to work with only qualified and reputable Business Partners. we condemn corruption, taking advantage and bribery. We respect the relevant laws and conventions. We neither offer business partners gifts or benefits with the aim of influencing a business decision, nor do we accept such gifts or benefits. We therefore expect our Business Partners to obey the relevant laws and to conform to the Code of Conduct, reject corruption, uphold human rights, and labour laws (including laws prohibiting child labour), take precautionary measures to protect the environment, the health and safety of their products and the animal welfare and also enforce corresponding regulations in their own supply chains and take appropriate measures to ensure compliance.

Business engagements at risk of potentially not meeting Lactosan A/S values and standards will be evaluated, and if deemed continuously non-compliant, will be terminated. We are all responsible for holding our Business Partners accountable, and employees are encouraged to collaborate with only reliable and ethically sound Business Partners.

Employees must report any Business Partner related concerns to their manager.

Prohibition of corruption and personal gain; we condemn corruption, taking advantage and bribery. We respect the relevant laws and conventions. We neither offer business partners gifts or benefits with the aim of influencing a business decision, nor do we accept such gifts or benefits. Even the appearance of such influence is to be prevented. We will not tolerate application of unfair means.

Conflicts of interests; We do not accept any benefits, or entertainment that could lead to a conflict of interest. We avoid situations that could lead to conflicts of interest between our personal or financial interests and the interests of Lactosan A/S

We do not solicit any personal benefits from suppliers, customers or others arising from affiliation with the company or which are linked to that affiliation.

We do not tolerate fraudulent acts, such as embezzlement, misappropriation, or other fraud – neither within our company nor in our cooperation with business partners.

We have committed ourselves to securing the highest level of quality management incl. food safety and product traceability which we believe naturally belongs in a responsible production (SDG#12). We put all our efforts into training and optimizing to be at the forefront within the field.

We respect laws and regulations designed to safeguard fair competition, antitrust and competition law. We will not tolerate unauthorized preferential treatment or discrimination.

Dealing with internal knowledge
We do not pass on business information that has not been approved for publication by the relevant bodies within the company. Through careful handling, we protect business secrets: in particular, process and manufacturing knowledge, patents, plans, financial data and other information that has not been approved for publication. We do not accept inaccurate reporting – neither within our company nor in terms of information intended for external consumption.

Ensuring the confidentiality of data entrusted to us
We protect the secrets of our customers and suppliers. We do not use them to give ourselves an unfair advantage and we do not pass them on to third parties. We only ever use the information entrusted to us to perform the task for which it was entrusted to us.

Data protection and security
We comply with all legal requirements for data protection and relating to data security. Furthermore, the personal data entrusted to us by our employees and partners is solely used for the intended purposes to the extent legally permissible. In particular, we treat personal data confidentially.

Documentation and transparency requirements
We comply with documentation requirements arising from legal provisions comprehensively and with the necessary care. We also comply in full with any further documentation requirements arising from operational provisions. All our reports, records and statements are ac-curate, timely, understandable, comprehensive, and true.

Compliance with legal and operational safety policies
We always observe all legal, trade association and occupational safety regulations.

Working conditions
We pay fair wages – at least the statutory and collectively agreed minimum standards, – and respect the statutory and collectively agreed standards on working hours, holiday leave and public holidays. We rigorously condemn child and forced labour and encourage our business partners to do likewise.

We respect the statutory rights of co-determination.

Equal opportunities and antidiscrimination
We consider a pluralistic personnel structure as an enrichment. We explicitly condemn any form of discrimination, regardless of whether it is because of the person, their behavior or his or her actions.

Compliance with legal and operational environmental protection standards
We adhere to or exceed the statutory environmental regulations.

Consideration of environmental impact in all operational decisions
When making operational decisions, we consider the impact on the environment and choose the most environmentally friendly alternative, where economically feasible.

Environmental activities
We acknowledge and commit ourselves to sustainable economic activity and actively pursue internal and external environmental protection projects within our environmental policy.

We act properly and carefully when dealing with the company’s property. Every employee takes responsibility for this. We independently report damage, misuse, loss, theft, misappropriation, or destruction of company property.

Personal responsibility of every employee
Everyone is responsible for following the Code of Conduct in everyday working life and ensuring that he or she stays up to date with any changes. Ignorance does not protect against consequences. The company management provides the latest version of the Code of Conduct at appropriate points and provides information about any changes.

New employees will be familiarized with the Code of Conduct in writing, at the latest upon conclusion of the employment contract.

Anonymous whistleblower system
Violations of the principles of conduct or general law can also be reported anonymously. For this purpose, access to a whistleblower system is available at Lactosan A/S.

Lactosan Group’s production activities span Europe and South America. It has been decided to focus the materiality approach and assessment on the manufacturing sites where Lactosan Group primarily focuses on reducing its environmental impact to ensure the greatest possible effect of its sustainability efforts.

In addition, Lactosan operates its business (both manufacturing sites and sales offices) in adherence with European and international regulations within the fields of Food production and handling, Labour Rights and Human Rights.

To assess the sustainability factors within the business environment Lactosan operates in, a materiality analysis has been made to identify the most relevant environmental, social, and economic elements within its value chain. The analysis also helps to identify issues to be covered in its reporting and supports decisions on where to focus internal resources which have also been identified as the key focus areas for the Group.

The materiality analysis is based on inputs from internal stakeholders with relevant functions including CEO, Plant Management, Financial and HR management and Sales/Marketing to identify, ensure and prioritize the issues that they believe have the biggest impact on the economy, society, and the environment, and that they identify to matter most to its stakeholders.

The topics were selected and prioritised by Lactosan Management Group. It is their intention to evaluate the materiality matrix on a regular basis and use external consultants for guidance.


Internal and external factors

When identifying the most material aspects arising from its operations, Lactosan takes account of internal and external factors. These include the issues identified in its overall vision and mission, vision on sustainability, long-term strategy, and the Code of Conduct, which governs Group behaviours and activities. Lactosan reviews and adjusts these material aspects and processes against external developments such as emerging regulations, environmental standards, and approaches to various certifications.