Bread & Pastry

Consumer demands for the product category continue to grow worldwide as people are looking for new and exciting ‘on-the-go’ products with distinctive flavour and exceptional quality. Also high-premium and high added-value products is boosting the category.

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders are used worldwide to help improve the flavour, consistency and declaration requirements for many different bread and pastry products, savoury muffins and scones.

Better taste and functionality

Adding grated cheese on top of bread products doesn’t always give enough flavour, which is why we help many customers to achieve their desired flavour profile by adding Cheese Powder in the dough itself.

Using our Cheese Powders rather than fresh cheese also helps to ensure a stable dough consistency and production process, it is more convenient and gives shelf life stability, while still enabling you to declare that your product contains real cheese.

Top 5 Flavours for Bread & Bread Products in Asia - Cheese ranks no. 1:

  • 2022



Milk Chocolate


Red Bean






(Source: Innova Market Insights)

A superior German sandwich

How we have helped others

For many years, we’ve been helping customers like you to improve bread and pastry products. We recently worked with a European company to develop a tastier ham and cheese sandwich by adding Cheese Powder to the bread dough, which gave a stronger and more consistent flavour with every bite.

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Lactosan Cheese Powders for Baked Products & Fillings

    Improve flavour, consistency etc.

    Improve labelling declaration

    Create new, exciting products that meet consumer demands