Crisps & Snacks

‘On-the-go’ products are fast becoming everyday purchase items, with baked snacks high on the list and cheese remaining among the top preferred flavours. In many Asian markets, snacks with new and unusual flavours are more popular than ever, as are those with less fat and salt content.

At Lactosan, we can help you to develop an exciting new product that takes advantage of these trends, helping you to stay at the forefront of market demand.

Add punch to your next product

Using only Cheese Powders, our experts can help you create baked snacks and crisps with more flavour (even after baking) and up to 50% less fat than oil-based products. You can obtain a specialised cheese taste or enhance others, such as herbs and spices, without the need for salt or artificial additives. Cheese Powders can also give extra ‘body’ to your products and help to support your declaration needs.

Adaptable to market trends

After many years in the business, we know how to support your ambitions. For example, we recently helped a customer turn an eat-at-home product into a popular on-the-go snack, which has proved very successful.

Cheese: no. 3 most popular global flavour in snack launches (2023)

  • 2023











(Source: Innova Market Insights)

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Great Tasting Seasonings

Expertise at your service

At Lactosan, we are constantly working with leading universities to find better ways in which Cheese Powder can help to solve customer challenges. Contact us today to find out what our innovative approach and extensive product portfolio can do for you. 

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Snack Products

    Create trendy snacks with exciting new flavours

    Enhancement of other spices and herbs

    Cleaner labelling (sodium reduction, less fat etc.)