Lactosan’s Cheese Powder is the secret ingredient for many different desserts. Cheesecakes and tiramisus are typical varieties that often use Cheese Powder to add a delicious flavour as well as for other functional and marketing benefits such as cleaner labelling.

Many other desserts applications can also benefit from Cheese Powder, for example to achieve a distinctive cheese note, to enhance other flavours or improve mouthfeel.

A broad variety of applications

At Lactosan, we bring years of experience to the table. Our Cheese Powders contain naturally inherent proteins that provide excellent emulsifying properties, which are essential for the consistency and stability of a dessert, and can help you to reduce the need for artificial additives.

Cheese Powder can also be an ideal solution to help improve flavours other than cheese, for example bringing out a fresher berry flavour in fruit desserts or boosting chocolate and vanilla flavours in ice creams. Cheese Powder can also be used to help create a creamy caramel taste.

If your dessert has a filling, such as a custard for tarts and mini-pies, our Cheese Powders can also help to make them even tastier, with a more stable consistency and uniform quality. Cheese Powders can also support your marketing requirements by declaring ‘real cheese’ on your label.

Lactosan offers many Cheese Powder varieties – including provenance cheeses – developed specifically for application in desserts, including: Mascarpone, Quark, Cream Cheese, Fromage Frais and Brunost.

Top 5 Countries to claim cheese in desserts (2023)

  • 2023

United Kingdom




United States






Source: Innova Market Insights

New taste directions

New taste directions

We recently helped a European company create a delicious dry cheesecake mix that enabled them to declare real Mascarpone on their packaging, with great success. We also helped a company in Norway to develop a new crème brulée with Norwegian Brunost, giving a traditional dessert a local twist.

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Creamy Muffin Toppings