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Cheese Powder is widely used in the catering industry for spreads and mayonnaise products for sandwiches and burgers. In addition, many supermarkets and fast food chains now stock ready-to-go salads with dressings to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. There is also a growing market for dips as part of an on-the-go snack or as a delicious accompaniment to chips, fries, nuggets or an evening meal. At Lactosan, our Cheese Powder experts can help you enhance the flavour and consistency of your dips, dressings and spreads, helping them to stand out and win market share.


Better than fresh cheese

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders offer a unique combination of taste, functionality and convenience in recipes where UHT is applied. Our solutions can be used in both cold and warm processes, as well as for dry mix products, and are easy to dissolve.

Our Cheese Powders are also an ideal replacement for fresh cheese, which can vary in maturity and make it harder to ensure a consistent flavour and quality. Cheese Powder is also less expensive to store and use in the production process, and it is far less complex to add new cheese varieties to your products.

With Cheese Powder, it is simpler to match your exact flavour profiles and tailor them to suit local preferences through the addition of region-specific varieties (which can also be used to meet labelling requirements). Cheese Powder can also help you to reduce the use of unwanted additives and naturally strengthen the flavour of other ingredients, such as herbs and spices.

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Multifunctional advantages

We’ve been helping businesses worldwide to improve their dips and dressings. We recently worked with a European customer to get the right stability and emulsification in their dressing without using emulsifying salts, and to achieve a delicious creamy cheese flavour. Another customer was able to use our Cheese Powder to remove whey protein from their pesto product.

Looking for great taste beyond compare?

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    Unique combination of flavour, functionality and convenience in recipes where UHT is applied

    Cheese Powder Solution work great in both cold and warm processes

    Ideal for replacement of fresh cheese