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Choosing a Lactosan Cheese Powder solution for your spread product is your way to cleaner labelling.

Lactosan’s Cheese Powders offer a unique combination of taste, functionality and convenience in recipes where UHT is applied. Our solutions can be used in both cold and warm processes, as well as for dry mix products, and are easy to dissolve.

Our experts can help you create category defining experiences by enhancing the flavour and consistency of your spreads, helping them to stand out and win market share.

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Spreads

Create category defining taste experiences

With Cheese Powder, it is simpler to match your exact flavour profiles and tailor them to suit local preferences through the addition of region-specific varieties. 

Cheese Powder can also help you to reduce the use of unwanted additives and naturally strengthen the flavour of other ingredients, such as herbs and spices. 

Cheese Powder can also be used to meet labelling requirements.

Europe is by far the top region for global NPDs in the category (2023)

  • 2023

Western Europe


East Europe




Cheese Powder is widely used for various spread products. Savoury spreads has shown a positive CAGR of 8.3% from '20 to '23. Gluten Free is a top claim for savoury spreads during 2023 followed by no additives and organic.

(Source: Innova Market Insights)

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Savoury Dips

Multifunctional advantages

We’ve been helping businesses worldwide to improve their spread products. We can work together to get the right stability and emulsification in your spread product, and to achieve a delicious creamy structure and authentic cheese flavour. 

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Lactosan Cheese Powders for Spreads

    Unique combination of flavour, functionality and convenience in recipes where UHT is applied

    Cheese Powder Solution work great in both cold and warm processes

    Ideal for replacement of fresh cheese