Meat & Meat Substitutes

Lactosan Cheese Powders are the perfect ingredients to enhance the quality of your meat and meat substitute products. We’ve been researching the properties of Cheese Powder to see how they can best augment or enhance flavours, improve umami and kokumi and even reduce the need for additives such as MSG. 

Taste is the #1 challenge in meat substitute products.

Let us help you to create exciting new products that meet specific flavour profiles and support your declaration requirements.

Perfect for meat or meat substitutes

As well as ensuring a delicious taste, our Cheese Powders can be used to help improve the juiciness in many product types, for example fermented and emulsified sausages, meatballs and brines for injections and tumbling.

We are working with international universities to learn how Cheese Powder can give meat substitutes a more realistic, meaty taste, and to improve the flavour of added spices. This also enables us to offer more detailed information and documentation on the qualities of Cheese Powder to help support your production and marketing needs.

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In 2023 Cheese is in the top 5 global flavours for meat substitute products (NPDs)

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The meat substitute category claiming cheese in new product developments exhibits a CAGR of 6.48% between 2019-2023 with Burgers/Ground Meat/Meatball substitutes being the biggest subcategory

(Source: Innova Market Insights)

Lactosan Cheese Powders for Meat Brines

Making food taste great

Our experts have been working with customers worldwide to improve their meat and meat substitute applications. For example, we recently supported a European company by using Cheese Powder to add a distinctive Blue Cheese flavour to their sausages. We also helped another business to enhance umami and flavour of their marinated meat and add extra juiciness.

Expertise at your service

At Lactosan, we are constantly working with leading universities to find better ways in which Cheese Powder can help to solve your challenges. Contact us today to find out what our innovative approach and extensive product portfolio can do for you.

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Lactosan Cheese Powders for Meat Products

    For distinctive cheese taste or just a better taste

    For more juiciness

    Cheese Powders add umami and kokumi to your meat and meat alternative products.