Pasta dishes remain one of the most popular choices with consumers worldwide, especially cheese flavours and those with an Italian twist.

At Lactosan, we can help you to develop exciting new pasta applications using Italian style cheeses, such as Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Parmesan, Blue and 4-Cheese combinations, to give you the flavour you want and to help meet your declaration needs.

Convenience and quality

Cheese Powder can make all the difference for your lasagne, pasta, sauce or pasta fillings. It helps you to achieve a delicious and authentic taste, but also ensures uniform and easy handling compared to fresh cheese.

Our pasta cheese fillings can also offer a more versatile solution, allowing you to easily create new applications using the same basic pasta type and the same production process. Simply by changing your Cheese Powder or by adding another into the blend, you can adapt your product to suit market and declaration demands.

Growth of Pasta NPD's with cheese on the ingredient list

  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

2019 is baseline year




Lacotsan Cheese Powders For a Twist in Ready Meals

Trends according to InnovaMarketInsights

There is ongoing interest in traditional positionings for launches within this category with use of descriptors such as classic, authentic and artisan proving popular. There is also an interest in traditional preparation methods and traditional regional recipes and ingredients. For brands wanting to add value, an emphasis on provenance and heritage varieties and traditional processing of the ingredients is turning into a mandatory strategy.

Lactosan Italian Hard Type Cheese Powders for Lasagne & Mornay Sauces

    For authentic tastes

    For cleaner labelling

    For uniform and easy handling compared to fresh cheese