Cheese Powder Solutions - Let your imagination run wild

How about a deliciously rich broccoli soup with Stilton? An Italian 4-cheese pasta sauce? A rich low-sodium snack seasoning with Somerset Cheddar? Or a scoop of ice cream with sweet, caramelized Norwegian Brunost and Seasalt? For a unique combination of taste, functionality and authenticity, our range of Cheese Powders are the most desirable choice in virtually any food system.

Currently using fresh cheese?

If you want the taste of fresh cheese but none of the hassle of its handling, storage and application, we can help you make the transition to cheese powder. Say goodbye to refrigeration, microbiology issues and shelflife pressure. And say hello to uniformity and simple sourcing and doings. Lactosan Cheese Powders are spray dried and pasteurized with a shelf life up to 18 months. Click on the below boxes to let us guide you or check out the advantages in "Why Cheese Powder" further down.

Clean Labelling

Cleaner Labelling

Check out our range of Clean Label Cheese Powders. Made without emulsifying salts and free of E-numbers. For the conscious consumer.

Lactosan Clean Label Cheese Powders

The Secret Ingredient Behind Your Next Success

The Secret Ingredient Behind Your Next Success

Why cheese powder?

The world’s most demanding food producers choose Lactosan. Why?

Because they need more than incredible flavour. They need exceptional mouthfeel. Clean labelling. Easy handling. Reliable supply. A partner who understands their production process and can inspire and help in bringing products to market fast.

Currently using fresh cheese?
Check out the box "Handling" to reveal some of the benefits of converting to Cheese Powder.

Cheese Powders based on natural cheeses


  • Authentic cheese taste & wide selection of taste directions
  • Flavour release
  • Flavour extension
  • Aroma
  • Masking properties
  • Umami/Kokumi/Mouthfeel
  • Stabilize overall taste sensation
Cheese Powders based on natural cheeses


  • Convenience, ease-of-use
  • No refrigeration & ambient storage = energy cost savings
  • Uniform quality
  • Controlled dosage
  • No raw material loss / No waste of whey
  • No ripening & No bacteriological development
  • Minimum 18-months shelf life (compared to 12-months industry standard)
Cheese Powders based on natural cheeses


  • Emulsification
  • Baking stability
  • Mouthfeel
  • Sugar, salt and fat reduction
  • Consistency
  • Can replace fresh cheese, flavours and EMC
Cheese Powders based on natural cheeses

Clean Labelling

  • Better package declaration
  • No enzyme modification used
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian / Halal / Organic
  • No additives
  • No or reduced E-numbers
  • Traceability
  • High level of food safety

Lactosan Product Solution Grid - we help you find the solution best fit for your needs

  • Ex. of requirement scope at the beginning of a project
  • Ex. of the final and customized product solution (for comparison)

Specification requirements

  • End project package declaration?
  • E-number reduction, no additives?
  • Vegetarian, Halal, Organic?
  • Natural colour, uncoloured?
  • Analyses, certificates?
  • Etc.
High Low High

Functionality requirements

  • Emulsification property?
  • Baking stability (stack height density)?
  • Particle size?
  • Mouthfeel?
  • Consistency?
  • Salt reduction?
  • Etc.

Price requirements

  • Target price (recipe/end product)?
  • Cost-in-use?
  • Delivery terms?
  • Etc.
Low High

Taste requirements

  • Taste, aroma, odour?
  • Degree of maturation?
  • Umami/Kokumi?
  • Flavour release, harmony, balance?
  • Masking properties?
  • Etc.
Mild Strong
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