Lactosan Mission

Our mission

To develop, produce and market ingredients to the Food Industry, primarily based on dried cheese products.

Lactosan Mission Statement

Lactosan’s aim/vision/purpose

Our aim/vision/purpose

We primarily want to work with customers and in projects where Lactosan can contribute to make our customers more competitive and more capable of influencing their customers in a positive way by innovative or different products or concepts.

24/7 know-how

24/7 know-howWhatever your application we have the leading experts in the industry ready to work on a complete solution that will cater to all your needs.

24/7 global focus

24/7 global focusTastes vary significantly. Wherever you are, whatever your niche, we stay ahead of global trends with products that answer your needs.

24/7 occasions

24/7 occasionsFrom breakfast bites to lunch on the go or satisfying evening meals, we can show you the applications of Cheese Powder for every occasion.

24/7 Innovation

24/7 InnovationWe are constantly researching in the multifunctionalities of cheese powders and looking at new ways to apply Cheese Powder, create new products and formats that help your business succeed.

Lactosan through the years

Take a short tour through our history line, which captures some of the highlights in our history.

1942 1942

In 1942 Lactosan is established by a small group of industrious Danish businessmen, including business man and designer, Mr. Tage Klint (1884-1953). In the beginning Lactosan HQ is situated in Odense and centered around the production of egg products. In 1945 activities extend to include milk sugar (lactose), and whey powder production which takes place in the factory facilities in Ringe. The origin of the name is most likely from the latin terms "lactis" (milk) and "sanus" (healthy).

1951-52 1951-52

In the beginning the production is processed cheese made at the factory in Ringe. The big breakthrough comes in 1951 when a customer returns a delivery of processed cheese due to lack of suitable storage conditions. Factory manager, Mr. Christian Jessen (picture), gets the idea to dry the cheese for easier storage. He sets about to develop a unique spray drying technique with success. 1952 marks the first production of cheese powders.

1953-1971 1953-1971

With the development of Cheese Powders Lactosan also starts the production of “La Vache qui rit” for Fromageries Bel (France). The cooperation lasts 18 years until 1971 when Denmark enters EU. Cheese powder products are now very and becomes the core business for Lactosan. Innovation continues to be at the heart of the success.

Factory 1959
1959-70 1959-70

In 1959 the old factory is extended and Lactosan buys the property Stationsvej 5. In the beginning cheese powder is primarily sold to the United Kingdom and in 1959 Italy is a new market. In the 1970's new markets emerge such as Greece, EL Salvador and the United States. Another expansion of storage facilities is initiated in 1970.

Pink dot 2
1980 1980

In 1980 Lactosan (UK) Ltd. is founded and operates from rented localities at Market Place 1, Braintree. In 1985 the company moves to new and present facilities at Springwood Industrial Estate, Braintree. With the move the offices and storage are gathered.

1981 Factory
1981 1981

Lactosan buys land outside of Ringe city and builds a new factory at the present location (Nordbakken 2), which is completed and inaugurated on 21st May 1981. Production of cheese powder is now conducted under the most modern and technologically advanced conditions. The production of processed cheese stops to focus entirely on the production of cheese powder.

1980's 1980's

In the 1980's ambitions are high. In 1981 the first brochure is printed with key messages: "Made in Denmark", "Cheese Powder from pure, natural cheese", "taste and convenience". The 80's also marks the development of Lactosan Cheese Base Powders. By 1984 Lactosan manufactures more than 50 varieties of Cheese Powder incl. customized solutions.

1981 Bygning Og Udvidelse Af Køle Og Frostlager
1983-1987 1983-1987

In 1983 a 2200 sqm extension of the storage capacity is added to the new building at Nordbakken 2 and in 1987 follows an expansion of the raw material reception and other facilities.

Lactosan Logo Of 1986 Konv (7) (1)
1986 1986

In 1986 the LACTOSAN-SANOVO GROUP is re-organized into indepent companies with own boards and management groups. This means that Lactosan's egg division in Odense changes name to SANOVO FOODS A/S (today OVODAN FOODS A/S), the cheese division keeps the LACTOSAN name and the administration also moves to Ringe. The machine division keeps the name SANOVO ENGINEERING (today SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP). Lactosan gets a new logo.

UY Factory
1991 1991

In 1991 Lactosan opens a new production and office facilities in Uruguay. Uruguay also produce cheese powder and service the market in South America. See

1992 Nyt Tårn
1992 1992

In the 1991 Lactosan invests massively to double the capacity and in 1992 a new tower is ready to use. There are now 60 employees in Denmark.

1990's 1990's

In the 1990's follows the development of Pure Cheese Blends, Cheese Building Blocks and Dried Shredded Cheese. The Cheese Building Blocks are blends of cheese, dairy ingredients, vegetable fat and maltodextrin/starch made without emulsifying salt/no additives. Perfect for savoury snacks, cheese crean and dry-mix for sauces.

Pink dot 2
1995 1995

In 1995 Lactosan Japan Ltd. is founded. With office in Tokyo Lactosan is now closer to customers and to provide the best possible service in this market.

2000 2000

Around 2000 Lactosan develops Cheese Seasonings. These solutions can reduce the need for artificial flavour enhancers such as yeast extract and MSG or salt.

2001 First Article In Food Development China
2001 2001

In 2001 Lactosan A/S Denmark Shanghai Office is founded and an article to promote Lactosan is published in Food Development News China.

Pink dot 2
2002 2002

Due to an increased demand for Lactosan's cheese powder solutions in Russia Lactosan Ltd. (Moscow) is founded in 2002 to expand the market and strengthen Lactosan's position in Russia.

2006 2006

2006 marks the year when Lactosan starts to develop Lactosan NCB - Natural Culinary Booster® as natural alternative to traditional flavor enhancers. The development of this range is a cooperation with Copenhagen University. Today the range has 7 varieties. Learn more - see our range under Cheese Powder Solutions.

2012 2012

In 2012 Lactosan starts the development of Cheese Powders without emulsifying salts - the Clean Label Cheese Powders. The products are developed in close co-operation with Copenhagen University in order to meet the consumers' growing demand for foods with no additives (E-numbers).

2014 2014

In 2014 Lactosan has made succesfull applications of Cheese Powders into processed meat products. Lactosan Cheese Powders are the perfect ingredients to enhance the quality of meat and also meat substitute products. Lactosan is researching the properties of Cheese Powder to see how they can best augment or enhance flavours, improve umami and kokumi and even reduce the need for additives such as MSG.

2016 2016

In 2016 starts another research project with Copenhagen University on "Functionality Properties of Cheese Powders." Contact the Science & Technology department to learn more about this project.

2020 2020

2020 marks the year of the addition of tower 4, new administration, lab and R&D facilities. The new facilities in Lactosan, along with cooperation with Danish universities, will optimise both the value chain, production and build knowledge to future product-lines - all are starting points for developing the business years to come. There are now +100 employees at the factory in Denmark.

Code of Conduct & CSR

Lactosan Code of Conduct & CSR

In the Thornico Group of companies we call Corporate Social Responsibility for Company Karma. You can download the Lactosan Code of Conduct & CSR statement here.

A Thornico Company

A Thornico Company

Lactosan is part of the THORNICO GROUP, a diversified conglomerate, with third-generation family owners, Thor and Christian Stadil, who are active on the boards of each company. THORNICO comprises a vast portfolio of companies spanning sport & fashion, real estate, food and food technology, food packing and venture. This structure provides significant strength and financial resources at times on instability such as during the financial crisis of 2008.

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Thinking cheese powder 24/7

A global business

A global business

In Denmark and Uruguay, we operate two modern manufacturing sites with extensive production and R&D facilities. We have also spent many years developing a robust global infrastructure of service and distribution, including trusted relationships with many of the world’s best cheese manufacturers to secure our supply chain.

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