Lacotsan Goya Cheese Powder for Hot Tomato Soup

The benefit of combining cheese powder and vegetables

What do tomatoes 🍅 & cheese 🧀 have in common?

⭐ They both contain high levels of the umami provider glutamic acid and as the tomato ripens and the cheese matures these levels increase.

Great Taste Beyond Compare
Some like tomatoes red, some like them green – we like them with cheese powder! And together they make a fantastic combo packing a meal or a snack with great taste and mouthfullness.

🍅+🧀= umami, taste enhancement and mouthfullness

Our cheese powders are based on high quality cheeses to ensure great tasting products – for both sweet and savoury applications.

⭐ And there is an extra benefit of using our cheese powders: a layer of kokumi. The unique characteristics of umami and kokumi can be useful in vegetable dishes to enhance a tasty profile, mask unwanted off-flavours or reduce salt to get a cleaner labelling.

Which cheese flavour is the most popular in vegetable dishes?
According to Innova Market Insights Cheddar Cheese is among the top 5 flavours used in new product launches in the fruit and vegetable category between October 2021-Mar 2022. 

Cheddar Cheese and vegetables

We also see a general trend of using cheese ingredients in many other application areas to create great tasting products and replace artificial taste enhancers. The CAGR of global NPDs in food & beverage containing cheese between 2017-2021 was 4,49%*.

In your quest for food perfection, what's your secret ingredient?
We love what we do so let’s work together and create your next food experience. We have many inspirational recipes with tomato and cheese combos. Learn how you can boost taste - click here!

(*Source: Innova Market Insights,2022).