The Secret Ingredient Behind Your Next Success - a visit to Taiwan


The Secret Ingredient Behind Your Next Success

Our above tag line “The Secret Ingredient Behind Your Next Success” resonates well with not only the high quality standards of our cheese powders and but also the professionalism, dedication and quality of our distribution partners. They are truly the key ingredient behind our success of developing, marketing and selling our cheese powder solutions to food manufacturers across the globe for more than 70 years now.

🌐 At Lactosan we have very close partnerships with our strong, global network of distribution partners. Our strategy and focus remains centered around growing our mutual business and to keep on pushing the innovation boundaries for the development and application of our Cheese Powder technologies.

Last week, Area Application Manager, Louise Nørgaard and I had the pleasure of re-visiting our long-time distribution partner in Taiwan, Sheng Hsiang and their customers after more than 2 years of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were met with high energy, creativity, dedication and professionalism from the entire Sheng Hsiang team. A big thank you to Mr. Scott Wang, Mr. Anderson and the entire Sheng Hsiang team for the inspiring meetings, knowledge sharing sessions and kind hospitality extended to Louise and I.

The Taiwanese market is indeed very innovative and it is always a pleasure to witness the impressively high level of innovation, attention to detail and quality and the Taiwanese food industry’s ability to constantly push the envelope for high quality products, new product innovation and taste design.

Did you know that...

📈 After a drop in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic Taiwan is back on track with new product developments (NPDs) exceeding 2019 figures. Between 2019 to 2022 Taiwan exhibits a +6,53% CAGR in NPDs. In 2022 the top 3 biggest categories in Taiwan to launch new products are snacks, bakery and ready meals. The most popular claim across the categories is convenience. 

🧀 Cheese is growing in popularity in Taiwan. The cheese consumption volume in Taiwan is expected to reach 48,000 metric tonnes in 2022 compared to 45,000 metrix tonnes in 2021. Popular cheese types are Cheddar types often used for pizza and burger meals. In 2022 the biggest category to claim cheese in new product launches was bakery.

Louise and I felt very inspired and will be bringing back a wealth of new inspiration and ideas for new applications for Lactosan Cheese Powders.

We look forward to coming back to Taiwan again and to welcoming the Sheng Hsiang team at our Application Centre in Denmark.

Picture above: Ms. Casey Lin (Sheng Hsiang), Mr Anderson (General Manager, Sheng Hsiang), Mr. Scott Wang (President, Sheng Hsiang),  Jesper Olsen (Sales/Marketing Director, Lactosan A/S) and Louise Nørgaard (Area Application Manager, Lactosan A/S) at the Sheng Hsiang offices in Taipei, Taiwan.

📧If you want to get in touch with Sheng Hsiang for your next product development with our cheese powder solutions, you can find them here: Get In Touch

Jesper Olsen, Sales/Marketing Director


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