Customer Service & Partnership

As a Lactosan customer, you can expect us to help you throughout your entire product lifecycle.

The Lactosan Experience

When you enter a partnership with us you get full sparring from concept idea to product implementation. We value strong relations that create mutual value and potential new business.

Long term stability

Many of our customers have been with us for 10 or 20 years, some even longer. A key reason is our company stability.

This is what some of them have said about working with us:

  • "A hand in glove relationship gives the best result"
  • "Time was tight. I needed a safe choice, a quick choice"

Get in touch so we can talk about your needs and expectations.

Unlock new potential

Producers worldwide are facing increasing pressure to develop healthier, better tasting foods and cleaner labelling

When used effectively, the natural functionality of Cheese Powders can help you reduce additives and salt, maximise or mask flavours or enhance the quality of your product in many other ways. 

Every new customer comes to us with their own unique requirements and together we can apply our research most effectively to your needs. 

Need advice, recipe adjustments, further information or just inspiration?

See our short video presentation below.

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Check out this delicious receipe for a Carbonara Sauce w/Cheese Powder.

The Lactosan Experience - What's in it for you?

When you need ideas we’ll share with you the latest food trends from around the world, inspire you with new recipes, and talk you through real business cases. It could be a webinar, a workshop, a tasting session, the latest scientific insight, or a practical guide to replacing fresh cheese. Tell us your need and we’ll provide the inspiration so you see the way forward.

Time to narrow down your ideas and agree on a specific concept - we help align your stakeholders and build the business case. With our cheese powder specialists you’ll be able to quickly select the right solution for your brief. Flavour, function, front and back labels – we can guide you. Across 18 food categories from beverages to pet food.

Let’s get to work - your place or ours? Whatever the location, our chefs and application team bring the knowledge, expertise and natural Cheese Powders to deliver the flavour, functionality and concepts you need. We bring specialists in sensorics and molecular properties to find the exact formulation and process that makes your product irresistible.

While you’re conducting final testing and planning production, we’re on standby to support any last changes. We ensure your deliveries arrive on time and documentation meets your needs. We promise no hold-ups from our side. Our in-house laboratory means we can analyse samples fast.

After your product is launched we’ll be sure to maintain the dialogue. Perhaps you want help solving a problem, need to repurchase, or share your long-term forecast. Our simply stay up-to date on the latest foods trends. Come and visit our state-of-the-art production facilities that ensure you receive uniform, long-lasting Lactosan Cheese Powder that keeps your production on track and customers wanting to come back for more.